MaricorMaricar Interview

Out of Sydney, the all encompassing skill sets of twins Maricor & Maricar have seen them do work for SBS, Architecture in Helsinki, Eskimo Joe, as well as their latest video for Murder by Death.

MaricorMaricar cover graphic design, illustration and animation. Quite a wide variety of skill sets. Do you both have such versatility or do you each specialise in certain areas?
We’re both versatile and have experience in design, illustration and animation. Depending on the project one of us will take the lead in one aspect according to what what sort of approach we need to take. Since we have similar styles we tag team projects if one of us needs a break.

What work have you been up to lately?
We’ve just finished an animated video clip for the band Murder by Death, the song is called ‘White Noise’. The band approached us after seeing one of our animations on YouTube. Sarah Balliet (the band’s cellist) had written up a video treatment about a lone character stranded at sea surrounded by mysterious creatures and asked if we’d be interested in creating an animation around it.

We are also working on some self initiated projects, another animation this time using miniature sets that we’ll be shooting stop motion in. Our animations before have usually involved a lot of computer work, for this project we want to shoot the animation totally in camera. We’re co-directing with Michael Blanche and have rigged up a special camera set-up using a digital SLR shooting through the viewfinder of an old medium format camera to get some nice effects without having to rely on computer plug ins. We’re shooting at the moment and have learnt that maybe using a digital projector as our main light source was probably not the easiest way to do things. We’re learning a lot and enjoying it, and will definitely be creating more stop motion animations in the future.

On the illustration side of things we’ve both become obsessed with patterns (and trying to see who can draw the tiniest lines). Our new work is based on intricate patterning inspired by traditional embroidery and textiles.

How would you describe your own work?
Our work is textured, patterned and sometimes a bit whimsical.

How did you first get into designing?
In high school we both loved art class and were introduced to Photoshop and digital art. When it came to deciding what university course to apply for design seemed like the perfect fit for what we liked to do so we ended up both studying Visual Communications at the University of Technology in Sydney. After graduating we worked a few jobs in different companies before both starting work at Mathematics in 2007.

How do you find your clients, do they come to you?
We were lucky to work in a great studio that had interesting and varied clients. We left Mathematics at the end of last year but still do some freelance work for them. We’ve also found that posting our work up on online portfolio sites has helped promote us and we’ve had opportunities lead to other contacts and so forth.

Do you have a favourite artist, or artists?
Our list is long but a few that stand out are Peter Callesen and his paper art, Levi Van Veluw’s landscape portraits, Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz and their fantastical snow globes, Marc Craste’s animations for Studio AKA, the Blackheart Gang, Pes films and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Japanese woodblock printers Hiroshige and Utamaro.

What are you reading/watching/listening to/browsing at the moment?
We’ve nearly finished watching the entire series of Battlestar Galactica, we have a habit of watching shows after they’ve finished. We like browsing through sites like yours that give an insight into other people’s creative processes and My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses, an art blog curated by Meighan O’Toole, as well as sites like Synaptic Stimuli and But Does it Float. At the moment we’re listening to old music like the Beatles, Bo Diddley and Paul Simon, a mellow soundtrack for a project that is a bit hectic at the moment.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
We’ll be animating and illustrating, making patterns and creating creatures. We’re trying to pursue a balance between illustration and animation.

Where do you find inspiration?
We like to get away from the computer whenever we can and see some exhibitions or browse through books and catch some music shows. Traditional crafts and textiles have become our latest obsession and source of inspiration.

What advice would you have to younger designers entering the industry?
Keep experimenting and exposing yourself to inspirations outside of design. Also to be persistent and not get discouraged if you don’t get the response you want the first time round.


Global Village Africa, Eskimo Joe ‘Inshalla’ artwork, Architecture in Helsinki “Like it or Not” music video and The Presets poster created whilst at Mathematics.


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