Director Nash Edgerton

Nash Edgerton knows his craft from both sides of the camera from his work as an actor, stuntman, editor, producer, writer and director. Since his short Deadline, which took out the top prize at Tropfest in 1997, Nash has directed a number of award winning short films, music videos, commercials, and completed his recent feature film The Square.

Hey Nash, I guess the first question is how did you become involved in Film? You started as a stuntman, how was the transition to director?
I guess i started by being obsessed with films as a kid. and then after school i had this idea that i wanted to be a stuntman and so i started pursuing that. the directing came about as a result of me trying to shoot action sequences to put on my showreel to be able to get stunt jobs and grew from there. another stuntman Tony Lynch and myself thought we’d shoot some stunts for our reels to get work. and my brother thought that would be a good idea to get acting jobs as well. so he got a friend of his from drama school, Kieran-Darcy Smith, to write a scene for them and we ended up with this short film called LOADED. which is basically a dialogue scene followed by an action scene. the four of us had so much fun making it that we got into making something else and formed Blue-Tongue Films.


What are you currently working on?
I just finished stunt coordinating Spencer Susser’s film HESHER in LA, and now am writing something new for me to make.

You’ve had a lot of positive reviews over your recent feature length movie ‘The Square’, how did the project come about?  How was it collaborating with your brother?
Joel and i work really well together, we have a good short hand and a great working relationship. i think we have skills that compliment each other and we have similar tastes – so ultimately we are aiming for the same kind of end result. and yes am sure we’ll work on more things together – he’s one of my favourite people on the planet.


I loved Your short film ‘Spider’, was it based roughly on something that happened to you growing up?
like most of my short films – SPIDER was an idea that popped into my head that wouldn’t go away. it would constantly plague my thoughts and eventually started to drive me a little crazy so i knew i had to get it out of my head and make it so i could make room for other ideas. and yeah it was based on a number things that happened growing up – fights with girls in cars, a toy rubber spider i used to scare my mum with, an incident in a car with my brother and i and a real spider on the freeway and my mum (like a lot of mum’s) saying “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”

How have you found the Reaction to the film?
SPIDER is a lot of fun to watch with an audience. i’d be lying if i said making hundreds of people scream, jump and laugh at the same time doesn’t make me feel a little warm inside. it’s probably had the best reaction out of anything that i’ve made. i still get emails and comments from people all around the world about it.

Can you tell us about blue tongue films, who’s involved?
Blue-Tongue Films is basically a collection of friends/filmmakers who all work on each others projects in various capacities – no one does only one thing. it started out with myself, Joel, Kieran and Tony and now has grown to include Luke Doolan, Spencer Susser and David Michôd.

How do you find the industry’s evolving? With the cost of decent HD cameras dropping and sites popping up such as Vimeo, it allows for a much broader audience.
The industry is definitely evolving due to the internet and other technologies. especially for short content. the potential to have access to a much broader audience is great. but that also comes with a bigger competition for people’s attention because they have so much choice of content. ultimately if you make something really good it will find its way out there.


Have you read (or written) any good scripts lately?
What i’m writing has potential to be good – so we’ll see what happens.
and yes i read a great script by a writer called Liz Meriwether – she’s awesome!

What would be in your Top Five Movies?
It changes all the time – some are always there and some come and go. but today in no particular order….

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Reservoir Dogs
Back To The Future



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  6. I love your short films, soy de peru y la verdad que estoy muy impresionada por tus cortometrajes, buenas tematicas, calidad, las puestas en escena, el reparto…felicitaciones Nash Edgerton … eres grande

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