Eveline Tarunadjaja

September 2008: Melbourne’s Eveline Tarunadjaja is a young illustrator with a unique style. Her designs are uncluttered but filled with emotion, which emit melancholic yet happy feelings. She has already produced a broad range of work, ranging from book jackets to poster illustration.

What have you been up to lately?
At the moment, I’m preparing for two group exhibition that’s coming up in the next two months – one in Melbourne in October and one in LA in November. So I guess I’ve been a bit of a drawing machine.
Other than that – sleeping, eating and finishing up couple of commission projects to focus on what I’m doing for my solo show, early next year.

Artwork for Lovegeek

How would you describe your own work?
My work is full of girls with hairy details that would cripple my neck soon. :)
When I first started (illustration), everything was mostly journal-like, based on day-to-day moods, what I feel, see, experience, obsessed about or like. Now, I think I have grown a little to be able to refine those emotions into one and play around with hidden meanings behind each image.

How did you first start getting involveed with illustrating?
It was actually a bit of an accident. I always love drawing for fun, I didn’t expect much when I left my previous job as a designer that I can make something out of it. I never knew this “career” (if you could call it that) exist. I thought, you’re either a designer or you’re an artist.
I don’t have any art school background or the experience – but when I had my first solo show and getting other people’s response, I thought to myself that this is what I love doing and maybe something will work out so I just went on with it, see where it’s going to take me.

"surf",pen and acrylic on paper, digital finish© 2006 Original piece commissioned for the yellow surfboard man. Published in Curvy 4, 2007.

"Sea of Plenty" Ink on Paper

What is your process of creating a new design?
For commission works, the client usually gives me something to work with, whether it is an object or an animal. I usually do my research, try to come up with ideas and work based on the client stories or brief.
Otherwise, I sit in a cafe, stare at a blank paper for ages until something pop out. I do little sketches here and there, but the thinking process usually takes ages because I tend not to pursue ideas that I don’t really like, probably also out of laziness. hehe.

Where do you find inspiration?
I listen to music, read, talk to friends, walk around the city, watch people passing by or watch a film. I know it is very generic, but I tend to find inspiration when I don’t look for it and get inspired by almost anything that “moves” me, anything that makes me laugh or cry – even if it’s something small.  At the moment, I’m very much inspired with Guido Crepax, an Italian erotic comic artist.

Art direction by Eveline Tarunadjaja. Photo by Joanne Ho.

"Downsail" Ink on Paper

What advice would you have to younger designers entering the industry?
I think a lot of young illustrators that I’ve talk to doesn’t know that they can make a career out of something they love, it IS hard but it’s doable – only if they play it smart, work hard and get ready to starve for a few years.



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