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»Do Project

The Do Project is an online community of experimental THINKers and DOers. We are comprised of designers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and more. At the beginning of each week a single word is selected by our Theme Generator 5000, to which participants must creatively interpret and submit to the Do Team before midnight of the following […]

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»Art Decks

A trip back to when cassette was king. Large scale hand made cassette tapes. Aussie artists Andrew Smart and Jared Schmidt create ‘large scale hand-made wooden cassette tapes, routed, sanded, bogged, primed, and painted with a high quality paint finish’

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»Art Decks

Art Decks are hand made wooden cassette tapes, routed, sanded, bogged, primed, and painted with a high quality paint finish. Out of Adelaide. Via Design is Kinky.

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»Daniel Emma: Shapes Collection

Daniel To and Emma Aiston launched their first series together ‘Shapes’ at 100% Design London last year after working for a few years in London, they have since returned to home town Adelaide. More info to be found at the Design Files.

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This is the funniest thing I have read in a very long time.

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»Photographer & Artist Emma Hack

Part of her wallpaper series, Emma Hack has some stunning work on her site. Be sure to check out the panoramic bodies. Via FabrikProject.

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»The Art of Andy Ellis

Illustration & photography.

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»Resin Montage

Check out the new reel from Melbourne production company Resin.

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Developed by the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies at the University of Adelaide, VideoTrace is an advanced system which can trace 3D objects from video footage. Australian Edge interviewed Associate Professor Anton van den Hengel to discuss this amazing piece of technology and how it was developed. How did the idea for VideoTrace come about? […]


VideoTrace is a system for interactively generating realistic 3D models of objects from video—models that might be inserted into a video game, a simulation environment, or another video sequence. The user interacts with VideoTrace by tracing the shape of the object to be modelled over one or more frames of the video Amazing.

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