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»Lauren Hewitt

“Drawing from the traditions of film noir, the familiar scene becomes the unfamiliar. Suburbia, seen from the car window, what we see everyday passes through our awareness, becoming swiftly invisible and unnoticed. Yet glimpses of these shadowed corners can spark the imagination for a fleeting moment, causing the birth of a brief fable, shortly lived, […]

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»JinkyArt Photography

Whimsical Portraiture by renowned photographer Barb Uil

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»Weather Bracelet

Weather Bracelet presents 365 days of Canberra weather data in a wearable physical form. The outer profile shows daily minimum and maximum temperatures, while the holes show weekly rainfall – the data dates from July 2008 to June 2009. The model was generated with open-source tools including Processing, Meshlab and Blender, and 3D printed by […]

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»Illustrations by Asha Tsimeris

Illustrations by Asha Tsimeris out of Canberra.

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»Jewellery by Kelly Gardner

Handmade beaded jewellery by Kelly Gardner out of Canberra. Etsy store is here.

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»The Grafik Museum

TGM (TheGrafikMuseum) is a design blog created by graphic designer, Daniel Hadiwibawa. Filled with posts from many creative industries, such as graphic design, architecture, art, fashion and much more. The website was only recently launched in March 2009 and has already created a massive buzz featuring on other design blogs such as and Urban […]

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»Shaun Hagarty

Some nice caricatures by Shaun Hagarty.

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John Goulder

Jon Goulder grew up surrounded by furniture, both in his family factory and at home. In 1992 he completed and apprenticeship in upholstery and furniture making to become a fourth generation craftsman. He began his professional design career in 1994, designing soft furnishings for large commercial retailers, before moving to Canberra in 1996. He completed […]