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»Hidden Radio & BlueTooth Speaker by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen

Hidden radio and bluetooth speaker by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen. You can read our old interview with John here. Check out his Kickstarter page here.

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»A.N.T. Aid Necessities Transporter

Great concept from Bryan Lee, check out his behance page to read more on the project. “The A.N.T is designed to enhance humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations for transportation of food, water, medical supplies and housing units to disaster stricken areas. Having swift as well as all-terrain capabilities, the A.N.T incorporates a new […]

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»Ubabub Nursery Products

Ubabub is a new Melbourne based company producing these fantastic nursery products. I like how the cots can convert to a kid’s bed as the kids get older. Their website also made by Magnetic Design. Found via The Design Files.

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»HPM Coverplates

HPM have gone a little out and designed a range of coverplates for light switches and power outlets. A lot more interesting than the typical white. Found via Modernist Australia.

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»Flux, Personal Transport

Nice concept design by Leigh Hendrik Cosentino. Read more here. “With congested roads, under used seats, high emission levels and fuel consumption, alternate efficient means of transport are highly sought after at this time and into the future. Electric powered and hybrid vehicles are making their way into the consumer market and are changing consumer […]

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»PERTH: Jon Goulder Exhibition

Exhibiting now at FORM in Perth is furniture designer Jon Goulder. Jon is one of Australia’s top contemporary furniture designers, so this is a great and rare opportunity to see some of his work up close. “Designer-maker Jon Goulder’s first solo exhibition opens at FORM gallery on the 4th February, 2010. Featuring 11 new works […]

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»The Edge: Australian International Furniture Fair

THE EDGE Design and Innovation Showcase and Design Competition Awards – Sydney’s premier event for new and emerging designers – gave four awards to young designers in the categories Student, Commercial, Concept and Green. THE EDGE featured 50+ new and emerging designers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand, showcasing their products to an audience […]

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»iMerda skateboard decks

Skateboard decks for sale over at iMerda. part of the design is printed with glow in the dark paint as seen above.

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»Makedo: Construction With a Conscience

Freshly launched,  Makedo is the construction system which utilises everyday used items together with their reusable kit pieces to create unique designs.

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»Foal Design Vintage Handmade Sunhats

Sun hats made from vintage fabrics. All I can say is Christmas is coming up, and for $54 at the most, you can order a hand made original.

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»Art Decks

Art Decks are hand made wooden cassette tapes, routed, sanded, bogged, primed, and painted with a high quality paint finish. Out of Adelaide. Via Design is Kinky.

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»Weather Bracelet

Weather Bracelet presents 365 days of Canberra weather data in a wearable physical form. The outer profile shows daily minimum and maximum temperatures, while the holes show weekly rainfall – the data dates from July 2008 to June 2009. The model was generated with open-source tools including Processing, Meshlab and Blender, and 3D printed by […]

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