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»Predominantly Orange

“Possibly the most comprehensive photographic survey of safety cones ever.” They are designed to be high visibility, yet are so ubiquitous that many become blind to them. They warn of impending danger, of hazards ahead. They are perceived to make us safer and are often dutifully obeyed. They are seconded by some into purposes outside […]

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»Deep in a Dark Reverie

Deep In A Dark Reverie is a visual documentation of dream states from Tajette O’Halloran. Photographed over a period of three months in locations across Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

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»Photographer Chris Sisarich

Australian (although based in NZ?) photographer Chris Sisarich on assignment in Egypt. Stunning. Via the Fox is Black.

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»Jonathan May Photography

Some nice photography by Jonathan May. Check out some more work here:

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»Jessica Klingelfuss

Jessica Klingelfuss is a young emerging Sydney-based fashion photographer with an affinity for the weird and the wonderful.

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»Photographer Luke Dubbelde

16 year old Luke Dubbelde is an emerging fashion and editorial photographer based in Newcastle, NSW. Growing up in a rural town has endowed him with an appreciation for the artistic avenues of nature; he draws inspiration from his surroundings to encapsulate the essence of a moment. You can check out his blog here and […]

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»Photographer Amanda Lim

Amanda Lim is a Sydney based fashion and advertising photographer renowned for creating strong, ethereal images. The aesthetic of her work conveys narrative and mood. The young photographer’s fascination with characters, gardens, unoccupied old buildings and secret locations transcends into her work.

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»Carl Drury -Sydney Photographer

Carl Drury out of Sydney. From the Abandoned Spaces series.

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»Girls and Gold Pigs

Sydney photographer and artist Anna Pogossova has a new website.

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»Photos 1440 exhibition

Behind the Lens: 5 short documentaries where 5 Australian photographers from SMH share some of what they love about photography “There are 1440 minutes in a day. In these minutes photographers capture a moment. These moments make up a day which lasts forever.” State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney. 3rd July – 1st August […]

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Photographer Chuck Bradley

Originally from Pennsylvania, Chuck Bradley started his professional career shortly after arriving in Sydney in 1991. Largely experimental, his recent work plays with a technique called wet plate collidion, a process developed in the 1850′s. What have you been up to lately? Over the past months, I have been exploring the process of wet plate collodion photography. […]

»Wet Plate Collodion

“I have recently been using the photographic process invented by Frederick Scott Archer in the mid 1800′s. This process is know as Wet Plate collodion, it was the start of the modern photographic process. My works are know as Black Glass Ambrotypes.” From Photographer Chuck Bradley.

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