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»Hudson – Against The Grain

The new music video for ‘Against The Grain’ from emerging Melbourne indie-folk artist Hudson sees him collaborate with film maker/animator/VJ Dropbear (aka Jonathan Chong), producing a vibrant and colourful clip based around a mainstay from our humble artistic efforts throughout childhood – coloured pencils.

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»Rick Mereki STA Travel Ads

This series of ads for STA Travel has been doing the rounds, but we thought it worth posting. Directed by Rick Mereki out of Melbourne. “3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based […]

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MÖBIUS A collaborative stop motion sculpture Twenty-one large triangles animated by Melbourne, throughout Federation Square. MÖBIUS is a sculpture that can be configured into many cyclical patterns and behave as though it is eating itself, whilst sinking into the ground. The result is an optical illusion and a time-lapse of people interacting with the sculpture […]

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»Melbourne’s Secret Wars

Ken Taylor and Deb squared off in a live art battle for Melbourne’s Secret Wars. The rules were no sketching on the canvas, black paint only, 90 minutes allowed, and the piece must reference the other artist. Via OMG

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»Pogo Presents World Remix: Tibet

What is World Remix? World Remix is my idea for an upcoming album which would expand upon my live-action remixing concept, first displayed to much fanfare in my track and video Gardyn. The goal of my project is to travel the world capturing sights, sounds, voices and chords, and use them to compose and shoot […]

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»Dirtgirl-world wins AFI

Congratulations to Hackett Films and the crew on Dirt Girl for winning the Australian Film Institute (AFI) award for best children’s animation.

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»Seabellies – Trans Ending Music Video

Tom Noakes has just finished producing/directing a music video for “The Seabellies – Trans Ending.”

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»MTV Classic shoot

Directed by Hilary Bunt + Yvette Paxinos D.O.P Callan Green Produced by Vashti Rosenberg Check out more videos on Yvette Paxinos Vimeo page

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»Animation by Benjamin Ducroz

Animation showcase of Benjamin Ducroz. Made with a blend of stop motion animation and computer graphics, Benjamin’s big bangs propel the viewer into a kaleidoscope of form and movement, creating mini-choreographs that usually go for about a minute.

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»Photography Hijacked – Film by Jack Pam

For those who missed Jack Pam‘s film Photography Hijacked on ABC on Tuesday night, it will be repeating on Sunday at 6.30pm. You can also watch it on iView here.

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Another great mix from Perth boy Pogo, this time using sounds of the garden with his mothers voice. “Comprising my mother’s voice and the sounds of her garden, this video is my first Pogo mix of the real world. I hope I’ve done my mother justice in capturing her passion. Enjoy!”

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»Sixty40 proto ninja award

Sydney animation and design house Sixty40, are running a competition to find an animation ninja. There’s prizes and mentorship up for grabs. For more info check out the protoninja site

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