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»We Love Perth

Found via The Design Files, We Love Perth is a site created to help promote Perth and its attractions, and get locals and visitors alike out there. Great resource if you are bored on a weekend and want to go somewhere new.

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»♥Art-Vintage-Fashion♥ with Nani

With stuff from around the world, as well as her own, Nani Puspasari’s site Designani has some nice stuff to get you inspired. You can also check out her personal portfolio site here. Found via twitter

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Andrew Johnstone from Semi-Permanent

Publisher of the long standing design blog Design is Kinky, Andrew Johnstone has expanded his activity to include publishing EMPTY Magazine, now in its 17th issue. He is also the organiser of the design event Semi-Permanent, which this year will be held in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand, Brisbane and Perth. You run Design is Kinky, […]

»To The Australia Day Hypocrite

Via Nick.

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»Australian INfront relaunched

The new Australian INFront site has now gone live. Lovely and clean with a lot of added functionality, we are looking forward to staying extra up-to-date with what’s going on in Australia with the site.

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»Do Project

The Do Project is an online community of experimental THINKers and DOers. We are comprised of designers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and more. At the beginning of each week a single word is selected by our Theme Generator 5000, to which participants must creatively interpret and submit to the Do Team before midnight of the following […]

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»WATIM – issue 21 now online

weAREtheIMAGEmakers have issue 21 now online featuring interviews with sean morris, georg (pictured), seekayem (nz), deb and jack douglas.

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»New work by COÖP

This piece by Melbourne’s COÖP was part of a curated project for Melbourne’s State of Design Festival.  Local designers were invited to create a typographic piece featuring a positive message to counteract the overwhelming tide of negativity coming from mainstream media. See also this great interview over at the Design Files of Paul Fuog’s experience […]

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»City of Sound

City of Sound is the website of Dan Hill, Sydney based designer and Urbanist. Dan has previously been Head of Interactive Technology & Design at the BBC in London, as well as Director of Web and Broadcast for Monocle Magazine. If you are interested in urban design, this is a great resource to check out.

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Created as a colab between the Jacky Winter Group and Inventive Labs, the Notepod is a cool tool useful for those developing iPhone apps. via Swiss Miss.

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»Saul Griffith’s kites tap wind energy

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»Margaret Wertheim on the beautiful math of coral

Margaret Wertheim’s talk at TED describes her project to create a crochet coral reef using mathematical techniques.

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