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Interview with Graphic Designer Kevin Finn

Irish born Kevin Finn is an ex Saatchi Design joint Creative Director, currently living and working in Kununurra in Western Australia’s far north. He is also the brain behind the “Open Manifesto” Journals. Here is what he had to say… What have you been up to lately? I’ve just got back from a trip to […]

»Australian History from the Hesperian Press

Not the most exciting website…hell, not even close. But what the Hesperian Press do well is cover a vast field of Australian history. Well worth picking up a few books to learn our history and stories.

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»Japingka indiginous art

Based in Fremante, Western Australia, Japingka has indiginous art from such artists as Abie Loy, Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri and George Tuckerbox. Pieces are from artists covering a wide area of Australia. Well worth a look.

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