Australian band Pivot

Pivot have been quiet since releasing their debut album Make Me Love You in 2005, and have a new lineup with brothers Richard and Laurence Pike recruiting electro-guru Dave Miller. And more importantly, they’ve been the first Australian group to sign with the iconic Warp Records label, home of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Battles and Boards of Canada.

Tell us about Pivot, How long have you guys been playing together?
In the current 3-piece machine incarnation we’ve been playing/gigging/recording for about 2 years. Before that Pivot was a 5 piece that had been about for years before then.

First Australian band signed to Warp Records, that’s pretty exciting, how did this come about?
We made a record. We sent it to them. They liked it. We signed with them. We sent them gifts in return.

Could you talk about your recent release, O soundtrack my heart? Was it a long time in the making?

We only spent less than a week recording it, the rest of the 5 or so months were tweaking/overdubbing/chopping etc. It was a time of change and release and we wanted to instill those feelings into the record.

What upcoming tours have you got planned? I see you’ve just finished a tour in Australia with Sigor Ros, how was this experience? Any highlights or lowlights?
We did the Sigur shows in Australia in August – they were fun. Great to play in venues like that. We are on the tail end of what feels like a never ending 40-odd date tour of Europe where we’ve played everywhere from Scandinavia to Spain & Italy to the UK and Germany – all over. We are back in Australia in November for the summer, more shows and getting down to writing another record. Highlights of the tour would be playing Route Du Rock, Pukkelpop, Lowlands festivals – 3 countries, 3 festivals in 3 days – was so great to play such great gigs all in a row. Lowlights are sometimes when you want to stay in a city that you haven’t seen and you don’t get to see it much – there are a bunch I want to go back to now….

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played?
Playing in front of 9000 Italians before the Chemical Brothers in a football stadium was both frightening and hilarious come to think of it.

New Music video “in the blood” looks like it was fun to make? Any stories from the shoot?
It was really fun. Getting spurted with fake blood was hilarious. We’ve got a new video out soon thats a live video of footage from Route Du Rock for ‘O Soundtrack My Heart’. No blood this time, just sweat and tears.

How do you find the Australian band scene?
There are some great bands from Australia. We just had Snowman play some dates with us in the UK which was great.

Which bands have been inspiring you lately?
New TV on the Radio record is great. Seeing Harmonia play in Norway was awesome. The new Drones record is great as well.



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