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»Caroline Morin

Illustrations by Caroline Morin. You can see more work on her Flickr.

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»The Secret Life of Things

The Secret Life of Things. Short animated videos and educational resources on eco-design and life cycle thinking.

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»Graphic Designer & Illustrator Anne Cobai

Out of Perth, Anne Cobai has some nice vector illustrations in her portfolio.

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»♥Art-Vintage-Fashion♥ with Nani

With stuff from around the world, as well as her own, Nani Puspasari’s site Designani has some nice stuff to get you inspired. You can also check out her personal portfolio site here. Found via twitter

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»SYD: Sam Smith Mad Dogs Exhibition

Sam Smith exhibition opening on the 29th of July at the Oh Really Gallery in Sydney.

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»Luke Robertson

At 19, Brisbane graphic design student Luke Robertson has some nice work in his portfolio.

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»Julia & Joanne Ritson

Sisters Julia & Joanne Ritson have had some of their artworks printed onto limited edition silk scarves. You can see more of Julia’s work here, and Joanne’s here.

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»Art Director Nick Dart

Some lovely graphic design work and art direction coming from Nick Dart, Ex Queenslander currently based in London.

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»Illustrations by Zena Santos

Sydney based Zena Santos has started a daily illustration blog. You can also see her final end of year animation project here.

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»Photos 1440 exhibition

Behind the Lens: 5 short documentaries where 5 Australian photographers from SMH share some of what they love about photography “There are 1440 minutes in a day. In these minutes photographers capture a moment. These moments make up a day which lasts forever.” State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney. 3rd July – 1st August […]

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»MELB: Beastman Exhibition: Infinite Nature

Beastman will be exhibiting at Gorker Gallery from the 22nd of July onwards. See his site for more details.

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»Climate Redesign 2010

As part of the State of Design Festival, Climate ReDesign tries an experimental collaborative project: Two public design-workshops to generate ideas, connections and friends for action. They are asking: How to increase measurable mainstream support for action on climate change? What can a designer offer a climate change campaigner? What can a climate change campaigner […]

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