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»Matt Huynh – Asperatus

Holding site for Matt Huynh‘s soon to be relaunched folio website, to commemorate the June 1st solo exhibition ‘Asperatus’. ‘Asperatus’ showcases an entirely new illustration series for one night only in a solo show at the Skeleton Gallery, Australian Museum, on June 1st.

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»New Matilda to Close

Sad news,  New Matilda, the Australian independent news site will shut down on June 25th. I would recommend visiting their site while it is still live, and if you are in any position to help keep them running go over and see what you can do. With news sites like MSN and Yahoo, it’s hard […]

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»Storyboard Artist Maria Pena

So you’re a bigshot Creative Director or filmmaker and need a storyboard artist? Talk to Maria Pena.

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»Animation by Benjamin Ducroz

Animation showcase of Benjamin Ducroz. Made with a blend of stop motion animation and computer graphics, Benjamin’s big bangs propel the viewer into a kaleidoscope of form and movement, creating mini-choreographs that usually go for about a minute.

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»Wet Plate Collodion

“I have recently been using the photographic process invented by Frederick Scott Archer in the mid 1800′s. This process is know as Wet Plate collodion, it was the start of the modern photographic process. My works are know as Black Glass Ambrotypes.” From Photographer Chuck Bradley.

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»Photography Hijacked – Film by Jack Pam

For those who missed Jack Pam‘s film Photography Hijacked on ABC on Tuesday night, it will be repeating on Sunday at 6.30pm. You can also watch it on iView here.

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new dubstep from haysie and seeka from melbourne  chhhhhhheeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

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»Syd: Stereo Portrait Project Exhibition

Stereo Portrait Project Exhibition is showing at the Oh Really Gallery from May 27 – June 10.

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»Justin Overell

Australian designer / art-director / photographer Justin Overell, specialised in retouching and creative imaging. Awesome work.

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»Monique Kneepkens – Art-Direction, Design & Illustration

Monique grew up in the Netherlands, where she studied both Art-Direction and Graphic & Typographic Design in both Amsterdam and The Hague. Since graduation, she has worked and lived in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia, in both design studios and advertising agencies in design and art-director roles. Currently working freelance.

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»Scott Marr

“I’m an artist from the blue mountains in Australia, I work with Pyrography (burning images) and collecting and processing my own pigments, from from the bush to the farm lands. My work is a look into the world of bio metamorphics, symbiosis and energy.” Some great work, make sure you check out Scott’s site.

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Another great mix from Perth boy Pogo, this time using sounds of the garden with his mothers voice. “Comprising my mother’s voice and the sounds of her garden, this video is my first Pogo mix of the real world. I hope I’ve done my mother justice in capturing her passion. Enjoy!”

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